Should I move Sterling Shepard out of my IR?

With Sterling Shepard back, I can’t make any roster moves unless I drop someone. Is Jordy worth holding for A-Rod MAYBE coming back? Someone dropped Olsen, I’d like to drop ASJ for him but need to make another drop. I could use some advice on what to do as I need to win this week to make the playoffs. Here’s my Roster makeup for my full PPR league going into this week:

QB - Rushel Wilshen
WR - Mike Evans, Doctson, Westbrook
RB - Mccoy, Perine
TE - Jimmy Graham
Flex: Jordy
Bench: TY Hilton, Demarco Murray, Fitz, ASJ, Tevin Coleman, Shapard (IR), Steelers D

Whoever I drop will almost certainly be picked up. Flex options in my league are slim pickin’s. Best options are Goodwin, Inman, Martavis, Zay jones

I would drop TY…His schedule isn’t great and he just has not shown up except in the BEST of matchups…

I suppose you’re right. Only chance left for him is buffalo next week but I’d probably be better off someone else trying to play him