Should I offer Engram and Carson for CMC?

It’s a half ppr league. With Golden Tate coming back, will this eat into Engram’s targets? My other te is Waller.

The person that has CMC, his tes are Hockenson and Ebron.

My other rbs are Jacobs, Breida,Gallman, Pollard.

I was thinking of picking up Ben Watson if I trade Engram.

We start 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 2 flex.

What do you all think? Thanks

CMC is the number 1 fantasy asset. I doubt this is enough but yeah I would send this and hope it gets accepted

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CMC is the type of guy where I would want Kamara plus for

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Like others, I wouldn’t expect this to get accepted, but if this can get it done then I would 100% pay this for CMC