Should I offer J. Kelley for Drake and Moore?

Drake and Moore owner just put both players on the trade block. I know neither have done well but is it worth offering Kelley to buy-low on them and hold for the future?

Current RBs: Kamara, L. Murray, A. Gibson, Connor, J. Kelley

You might get one of them for kelly but certainly not both, we (drake and moore owners) already wasted the draft capital on them, we can’t just completely throw them away lol

This owner actually acquired them in a big trade where he let go CMC and Kupp. I feel like he might be panicky right now. He’s 1-3 I believe

All the more reason for him not to ship them both off for cheap like that, Kelly may have gotten lead-back duties due to Eckler’s injury but we still don’t know what that means for him value-wise, and although Moore and Drake are underperforming they are both still big-time players on there respective teams.

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Good point. Thank you for your input! I will probably offer him the Kelley/Drake 1for1 and see if it goes through