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Should I offer JuJu and Josh Gordon for AB?



My team, bench posted first for some reason.

Is this necessary?


Bump. Could really use some help as the AB owner has independently shown interest in Josh Gordon. Oh and since the previous post I’ve moved on from Lamar and Sutton and acquired Duke Johnson and MVS. Oh and I traded Ebron for Gronk.


You’re 6-3, juju and josh are both very strong plays every week, and you also own Tyreek. You have depth everywhere.

Don’t compromise it by over-tinkering.


Thanks Saturn, appreciate the feedback. The biggest reason I’m reluctant to make the deal is that in the case the Giants offense falters further I have Josh Gordon to slide into OBJ’s spot. If I trade away Gordon my wr depth takes a big hit imo. The idea of a trio of OBJ, Hill and AB sure is tantalizing though.


Ok things are getting interesting but I’m looking at depleting my depth even further. There’s a discussion around AB and CMC for my JuJu, Flash, DJ and Chubb. Seems too rich for me but I like CMC better than DJ and AB more than JuJu. The problem is Gordon due to his talent, and the offense he’s in, has the chance to put up better numbers than just about anyone. Should I just step away and leave things alone?