Should I offer this trade in a redraft league?

12 teams half ppr. Offer Alex Collins and Jordan Reed for Guice and Delanie Walker. We start 2rbs, 2Wrs, one flex.

My other rbs are McKinnon , Royce Freeman, Crowell, Clement, Latavius Murray. Reed is my only TE

Thank You!

This seems like a lateral move. How did you identify this trade offer?

I think Guice is in a better offense, and with Walker I won’t have to worry so much about him getting injured as I would with Reed.

Plus in the UDK, it says the Titans are one of the top teams that have a high target share percentage to the TE

You can certainly offer it, but not sure if he’d take it.

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exactly what i was thinking. you can offer that, but i dont know many people that would ever say yes to it.

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How about offering Thielen, Jordan Reed, And Crowell for Baldwin, Engram, and Burkhead?

My other wrs are AB, Fitzgerald, Cobb, Hurns, Lockett.

Would you guys offer that?

You can offer it, but I wouldn’t take it.