Should i offer this trade?!?

Hey footclan. i am in a dynasty league this is my first year in and we are just about finished our startup draft. it is a 12 team , 2 TE league 1.5 PPR for TE. My Tight ends are tyler eifert and benjamin watson. My question is : should i offer my second round pick 2.02 and eifert for trey burton and trent taylor. fairly confident the owner would accept if i sent it. Do you all think this would not be worth my time or not even enough incentive for the other owner to accept?

The 2.02 is a pretty high pick, but rookies don’t always hit, Eifert is a beast, but can’t stay healthy. I think I would offer the trade for Trey Boo Boo.

Is the 2.02 a 2018 startup rookie draft or your 2019 2nd?

It would be for this year. Startup rookie draft