Should I pick up any of the these players?

snell, brown, goedert, slayton, campbell up

my rbs are saquon, drake, Mostert, Cohen, Robinson and Scott

wrs cooper, Godwin, chark, crowder, green

who should I pick up/drop?

I think you are pretty solid IMO.

should I not pick up anyone this week?

Not sure who your TE is, Goedert the only one I would do this week.

I have waller rn

You should be good then. Good luck!

I always take the mentality of never having enough RBs and Snell would be my target.

I’d drop Scott

I think I might trust Slayton to be more consistent than Crowder, but it’s a bit of a gamble no matter what. Goedert might be nice to play in the flex, but he’s unproven when it comes to consistency too.

rojo is up rn I think ima drop Boston for him