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Should I pick up Chris Johnson re: news of him getting more carries


Chris Johnson looked pretty good last week. Arians says he’s going to be getting more of the workload. 2 years ago he was still fantastic. I’m in a half PPR. 10 Team.

I have Hunt, Gurley, Abdullah, and Cohen as my RBs.
I have Jordy Nelson, Fitzgerald, D Thomas, Garcon, Golladay, and R Higgins as my WRs.
Eifert and Cook (since Eifert is hurt)
Dak and Siemian.

Who should I drop (if anyone) to grab Johnson?


doesn’t hurt to drop and take a flyer on johnson for a week or two. don’t know if you will actually start him over your other RB’s

I am a person who NEVER has 2 Qbs or 2 TEs on my team so that is where i would lean.

Eifert first
then Dak or Sieman whichever you believe less in


I usually don’t carry 2 of either of those positions either, but had to deal with Eifert being out. So you think Eifert over Siemian? I know Eifert is injury prone, but I’m scared as soon as I drop him he’ll go off Haha.

Grabbed Siemian in prep for daks week 5 bye.


Dont take him. you won’t start him and it doesnt matter if he gets more work arians offense worked because they had DAVID JOHNSON. You can’t replace that talent it doesnt matter the workload David was a “Mutant”