Should I pick up Conner?

My RBs: Kamara, Mixon, Burkhead, Coleman, Kerryon & Duke Johnsons. 10 team PPR. Should I drop one to pick up Conner (& catch the Bell owner napping)???

I dropped my kicker for him, just waiting to see what happens. When Sun rolls around I’ll just add a kicker off waivers.

Pick him up immediately. But don’t drop any of those RBs to do it.

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Nah i’d stick with your RBs. Definitely not dropping any of them in PPR formats for Conner.

Done! Dropped my kicker and will wait until Sunday. Thanks @Swayze_TV!

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sweet man, kicker is always my last pick so I drop them by default until I decide what to do. Good luck in your league