Should I pick up Fitz?

I’ve got Roethlisberger and really need to win this week. Debating on dropping either Crabtree, Engram/Cook, or Cooper I guess for Fitzpatrick. Would you do it?

Been looking at this as well. Devil’s advocate, Panthers are undefeated at home. D is solid. Fitz did great last week but the Bengals were caught off guard with him coming in the game and also got lazy with the lead. Panthers can now game plan for him so that element is gone. I think he will struggle. I could even see him being pulled again.

I guess he could pull off another magic trick but man, I just do not see it. My QB situation is weak and even still, gut is telling me no. I’m actually rolling with Prescott. Home game, fresh as he can be with MNF and then the addition of Cooper who won’t do much but he is a threat which should open the field for him.