Should I pick up handcuffs for my rbs?

The FF crew suggested picking up Anderson and Bernard to protect against injuries to CMC and Mixon, both of whom I own.

My WRs are MThomas, Boyd, Kupp, Ridley, Keke, Jbrown
My RBs are CMC, Mixon, and Michel
TEs are Ebron and Burton

If you are confident you are reaching the playoffs then I could consider this, otherwise focus first in getting there… Now for those two I only trust Bernard, he has proven to deliver when Mixon is out. Cj Anderson doesn’t have the pass catching upside of cmc,.

Ya I’m currently in 4th place at 6-3 with the easiest part of my schedule coming up over these last 4 games. Do you think that either back has the downside of being sat the last game or two? Perhaps CMC

I’m probably more pro-handcuff than most. I agree with @albinoh I’d consider handcuffing Mixon by dropping a TE or, maybe, Keke. I wouldn’t handcuff more than 1 of your RB’s so long as Sony is healthy.

There’s probably only 2 players I’d automatically hancuff if on my roster: Hunt and Gurley. I’d strongly consider D. Cook. I’d also be tempted with Fournette and Mixon after seeing their health issues so far this year.

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So you think maybe drop Brown for Bernard? I’m tired of his boom bust tendencies despite his schedule being favorable ros

I’d prefer to drop or trade Ebron as opposed to dropping Brown.

I’m high on Brown, but if the Ravens turn to Lamar Jackson at some point during the second half, Brown is probably going to become worthless. I can’t see Jackson hitting him with the deep throws.

So you’d definitely stick with Burton ROS?

I’d try and trade up at TE regardless to Ertz, Gronk, Kittle, Jimmy G, but I wouldn’t roster more than 1 TE that was through the bye. If you think one of your TE’s has more trade value than the other in your league, then that’s the one I’d want to roster.

I’d be OK with Burton ROS. I wouldn’t be comfortable with Ebron without seeing positive signs in another couple games alongside Doyle

What do you think about Burton/Ridley for Ertz?

That’s a winner trade I believe

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I’d want the Ertz side. Seems like a smart offer to make before the Eagles play with Tate. Maybe the Ertz owner would panic thinking Tate would take away targets.