Should I pick up McCoy?

Hey guys, do you think I should pick up Darrell Williams or LeSean McCoy? They’re both sitting on the waiver and Damien Williams doesn’t look like he’s gonna go.
My rbs are Connor/Snell, Josh Jacobs, Tevin Coleman and Miles Sanders
Thanks in advance Ballers!!

I would start Sanders, Jacob’s, and maybe even Snell over those guys


You don’t want any Chiefs RB…trust me.


Currently I have Jacobs & Sanders in my rb slots but wasnt sure if I should flex Snell or pick up someone like Robby Anderson or a KC RB to flex if Damien is out

Haha I feel you I was just thinking maybe one of them could be better than Snell

They could be for sure…but you can’t plan or predict for it…that was my issue with them.

I’d play Robby Anderson this week for sure

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I picked him and might need to flex him and hope for a big game

Hope is all you’ll be doing. It could happen but you’re playing HOPE for sure.

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That’s true but he’s playing against Cincinnati and Darnold has been pretty awesome the last few weeks so maybe Robby can break off a big play :crossed_fingers:

Damien is ruled out now so im looking at snell coleman or darrel. I started Darrel early in the year for his 2 td game kinda feeling hes gonna do well again but feels way risky

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