Should I pick up Trubisky?

I have Wentz and Lamar Jackson. Should I drop Either player for Trubs? I have a first round bye for the playoffs so I only need a QB for week 15 and 16 Jacksons schedule is amazing, but he may not be the starter. Wentz Scheduel is pretty tough both weeks.

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I have rivers and matt ryan atm. Im going to replace one for the week 14 and 15 for trubisky.

He is playing the Rams and GB. Should be good. He performs well when the game is competitive against a good offense.

That is some strong belief my good sir!

I’ve been contemplating dropping Wentz for a Trubisky or Dak playoff option as well because Wentz’s playoff schedule is a not good especially with the points he is putting up. My starter is Watson who has a decent schedule and would make it easier to swallow, though.

I got Matt Ryan and I just picked up Trubisky. I am playing Ryan at home this week, but next week Ryan has to go to Lambo. Trubisky is at home against the Rams in a potential shootout or where he will have to throw a lot.