Should I play a defense?

So this week in a 12 man .5 ppr league I’m currently projected to score the most points on the week for any team (I know projections never really pan out or mean much) And this is with having the Steelers DST in my lineup. They’re on there bye lol do you think I can win it without dropping anyone for another defense?

Wouldn’t advise intentionally taking a zero, plus there’s more than enough upside on his team to pull off a victory if things don’t break your way

I agree, I think any or all of Watson-Ingram-Cooks could have boom games. Since it looks like you should have an idea on this game after the 1:00est games, if you really want to play this game you could wait & pick up a DST playing in the later games if they’re available & if it looks like you’ll need to.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. It looks as of now it’s just the Cowboys DST that is available after the 1pm ganes