Should I play D.Hopkins over M.Evans week 15?

This is my lineup for week 15

Big Ben vs Patriots
Steff Diggs vs Bengals
David Funchess vs Green Bay
Deandre Hopkins vs Jax
Melvin Gordon vs Chiefs
Devonte Freeman vs Buccaneers
Mercedes Lewis vs Texans
Kenyah Drake vs Bills
DEF Titans vs 49ers


Alex Smith
Austin sefarian Jenkins

full point PPR

Hopkins is a must start. There is no way I leave him on the bench. Just have faith that he is going to have as many targets as humanly possible and his talent will do something with them

My opponent is going to kill me.

P.Rivers vs Chiefs
B.Cooks vs Stealers
T.Hill vs Chargers
D.Baldwin vs Rams
Kamara vs Jets
Bell vs Patriots
Gronk vs Stealers
J. Gordon vs Green Bay
DEF Eagles vs Giants