Should I play Damien Williams?

I have Joe Mixon and Alvin Kamara currently slated in. My flex is John Brown, don’t think i’m taking him out. I also have Devin Singletary, who i could start as well. Thoughts?

Oooh. That’s a tough one. Mainly because it is looking like Kamara is probably going to be out. I still do not think I would play Williams. Not after what we saw last week. I would rather give it another week or two to see what KC does with their RB situation. If Kamara does not play, your saving grace will be Singletary, or if you are able to pick up Latavius Murray as Kamara insurance…

Murray was picked up a couple weeks ago. I think the guy is a psychic. I also have david Montgomery and Jamaal Williams, if you think either of them is a better option.