Should I play Fitzmagic and Redskins DST this week?

My other QB option is Big Ben

I’d play Fitzpatrick and a different D/ST

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No way. Play big ben at home vs Carolina. Their Pass D is awful.

And as bad as the skins were last week, their defense is actually pretty good.

When it’s big ben at home, regardless of D, i usually pick big ben. When its vs a bad D like carolina, there are very few QBs I would play over big ben this week.


Agree with Mike about playing Ben. And about WAS D still being pretty solid. But I’d look into some other options to stream this week at DEF if you have any.

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Yeah I’d say KC D is a really good play this week at home vs the cardinals. KC D at home vs any bad team is pretty good cause their offense piles it on and forces bad teams into predictable throwing only situations which results in turnovers/sacks. Especially for bad teams like the cards.

They’re probably my top stream of the week

Can’t help but jump in. I’m between fitz and Big Ben. I’ve researched rankings and they’re very close. Obviously you all like Big Ben over fitz. But I just need to be convinced. Doesn’t fitz have more upside?

I know Fitz is riskier but i just feel Conner has a good chance of vouchering tds vs barber.

I think Ben’s upside we all know very well, and one need not look any further than just last week for evidence showing the Panthers have a vulnerable secondary (it was Fitz himself tearing them up in a comeback).

For me, they have almost equivalent upside this week, but Fitz always carries the risk of being benched after throwing 4 straight idiotic picks or something of that nature. I don’t trust him at all on the road vs a Bengals D That has played very well in home games.

I hear you but fitz is playing washington

Oh right. Well yeah, they actually have a good defense as we were talking about, too. Ha

I ask because I’m sitting at 3-6. With 2 most points scored against. Obviously everyone needs to win. I have both and I’m leaning back and forth between the two.

Yea dude leaning Big Ben just because of risk with fitz.

Yeah I wouldn’t mess around with any magic at 3-6 when you have Ben to play.

I’d say Big ben has just as much upside, and higher floor.

Thanks dude. Another question. Apologize for blowing up thread. But hey. If Carson plays do you play mike Davis hoping Carson gets injured again OR do you play Kerryon.

Hard for me to answer that. I have no idea the extent of his injuries. If he plays though, I’d think that you play Carson. Banking on mid game injuries for players usually isn’t the play.

Thanks For all the help, I’ll play Big Ben and Washington D. I’m in a 12 team league with only 12 DSTs left on waivers :frowning: Cowboys is the next best option but I’ll stick with Washington

Damn I just dropped KC for GB against Miami because I was worried about Arizona surprising with the new offense

Ben or Wentz this week?
Both at home, both favourable match ups, but Wentz with an extra week off to get to know Tate also

What new offense? it’s the same shit different day. They’re not going to magically improve mid season. Even if they did, do you think they would be better than Cinci? Look at what KC did to Cinci when they went there. Or Denver even.

Packers vs Miami is a fine play too though. Osweiller on the road is pretty juicy.