Should I pull the trigger on this trade?

I am working a number of trades that at the end of the day will work out this way:

I give: The 1.06, 4.07 and K. Drake
I get: The 1.01, 6.12 and D. Freeman

This is a two keeper league so if you place the players in the spots of the draft picks it would look like:

I give: M. Gordon, M. Ingram/C. Hogan, K. Drake
I get: L. Bell, J. Nelson/R. Jones, D. Freeman

No brainer right?

Basically I’m going 1.06 + K. Drake for 1.09 + Freeman (this guy wants to move up)

Then I would take 1.09, 4.07 and trade that for 1.01 and 6.12.

  • This guy has Gurley he can keep for a 4th, but does not have a 4th so he has to use his 3rd. If he did this trade he would get to keep Gurley for his newly acquired 4th, freeing up his 3rd round pick.