Should I pull the trigger on this?

Should I trade fuller and David Johnson for chark and Gurley? Full point ppr league

I wouldn’t, no, Gurley didn’t look too shabby the other day but Chark is a huge question mark right now. I would however try and trade 1 of them, as i wouldn’t want to stack texans players rn, they aren’t lookin too good.

No way, man! Gurley is a headache, and i wouldn’t want him on my roster if he was free. I love Chark, but as mentioned previously, he is a huge question mark.

Which one would you trade? Fuller or David Johnson. Someone just offered Phillip Lindsay and Edelman for Johnson

I like chark. We saw that offense fall apart without him. I think minshew will start looking his way more after the performance of his receivers last week.

But no, don’t do the trade. Gurley ain’t looking too good

Whatever get’s you the most value, and while i like the Edleman part of that trade i dislike Lindsay. He’s still hurt is he not? And in a poor offense he may not get much in the way of opportunity

I would hold onto DJ because their schedule gets easier so they’ll most likely be ahead which means he will be able to run the ball more often

I traded DJ,Rojo, golden Tate for Mixon and Jeudy. He released Tate so I might be able to still pick him up if I should

Would you trade Josh Jacobs for Julio and Monty? Asking for a mate :wink: