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Should i quit my league?


So, a guy said he was in desperate need of rbs in a league i was invited to.
I offered him:
Conner + kerryon + lockett
Mike evans

The guy countered me this:
Joe Mixon + Kerryon
Marvin jones, Chris Godwin and Marlon mack

Im fed up with this league, im always trying to do some good trades, some of the guys just dont trade their players, like, at all, and some others do this kinds of bs offers. Do i quit?


I wouldn’t bail, but just let him know his trades are garbage


That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.
Offer him a kicker and lockett for Mike Evans.


Yeah counter with an even more lopsided offer. I switched our league to no vetos a few years ago and it’s been great. But there is 1 guy in the league that I can never trade with because hes so trapped in the Draft price still. When we used to vote on trades he’d always vote no and complain on our chat app. “You can’t trade a 1st round guy for a 4th round guy” blah blah blah. I think he’s only ever done 1 trade ever.

But if you enjoy your league other than that reason, I wouldn’t. There’s plenty of worse leagues you could be in.


It depends if it’s fun or not. If everyone’s trades blow and it’s not fun then bail. I had a league with such awful lowball offers that i basically said send me that BS one more time and i’m done after this season. That league folded at the end of the year.


I will probably leave after this season, is not one for my 2 main leagues, i was invited to fill the space for a guy that left(now i understand why). As the season goes on, i will keep trying to trade with them, an i will be posting here every ridiculous offer i get


yes please! ha


Yeah not every league is a home-run. The league i had that was trash was all friends at the time. I think 3 of them still hangout lol. My 3rd league this year i actually only knew of 1 person in the league. he got all butthurt over something political and stopped talking to me and the comish of the league but I actually made friends with the comish. The league just doesn’t have people who take it seriously so we’re scrapping that too, but together we’re starting a new league next year.


In my experience, when you run into these low ball dudes, you just provide an offer, and tell them it’s best and final, take it or leave it. If they counter with some stupid stuff, just don’t even waste time trading with them going forward. In all my leagues, there are 2-3 consistent low ballers who I don’t even consider talking to when I trade, regardless of who they have. It’s not fun and frankly a waste of my time.

In leagues like that, if you got money invested, just continue on minding your own business via waivers and then don’t re-up next season.

For what it’s worth, I think your offer was pretty fair for an RB needy team who has a bad record.


Oh yeah, im learning with this league that it makes no sense to give some of them the option to counter offer, and that some guys are going to lose the league because they stick to their drafted team…
And man, this trade felt really fair for me… the guy has evans, hill and woods and his rbs are just trash… Too bad some guys just rather give up in a league instead of actually trying to change the roster.


I do try to give fair trade but also tip into my favor. However, I also tell them that I am open to alternate offers and that this is my starting point. My league does not trade even when it makes sense. I do not get it. Most often I hear nothing back at all.

While it is frustrating, I have just adapted. I float offers and do not expect anything. If it happens I am happy. I try instead to do my damage on the waver. I tend to clean up there.

So I would not bail, just adapt to a new strategy. All leagues have their warts and this imho send like a manageable one.


They sound like the kind of people that are not fun.


what’s the problem? let him keep proposing bs all day until he finally figures out how to compose a reasonable deal


the thing that gets me mad about this league is that is not only him, at least 2/3 of the league are almost impossible to trade with, they will not respond to offers, and those who respond, give this bs counter offers. I feel like they dont understand trades, the only trades they want to do, are the ones where they get the best of it, but they dont give up anything valuable for it, like shitty bench players for strong startable players.
I enjoy trading, maybe thats my problem with this league, if i cant do them, it takes away part of the fun…
Anyway, im 4-1 there, hoping to decimate them, and then decide if i quit or not haha


I said i was going to post other ridiculous trade offers from that league, and i dont have one yet, but this just happened:
TALES17 added Cody Parkey K - CHI and dropped Kenny Golladay WR - DET
So i went to take a look at his team and the guy dropped kenny golladay to get his SECOND kicker because lutz is on bye.
And he decided to drop golladay and keep DOUG MARTIN on his bench

This league is doomed lol im going to beat this guys and leave next season
im 4-1 and just got kenny g and his smooth routes for free




Nice pick up for you man. The guys in your league seem like idiots.
There’s one guy in my league, he offers me absolute rubbish once a week, he’s 0-5 also and his season pretty much over.
I’m almost sure he puts these crap offers through in case I’m drunk or hungover and hit the accept button instead of reject.
So I started screenshotting his bad offers and posting them in our group whatsapp. The rest of the league flamed him and called him out on it for being a dick. Haven’t got an offer from him since!


I got to tell you I started a work league this year. It’s a 10 teamer. There are 4 people in here that have never played before. I got them together and explained them the basics of how to play. I got to tell you in the 2nd and 3 rd weeks those new guys were dropping Alshon Jeffery, Devonta Freeman, Lenard fornetteand soforth. I’m on top of this league so I seen it rite away. As commissioner picked those players up and put them back onto there teams. As a human being I couldn’t watch them get hosed. I also explained to them about the value of certain players and influence them to make trades . Wether it was rite or wrong in my mind it is about learning how to play the game in their first year. This is a money league. Thank god none of the other members complained


I had similar happen with one new guy this year. I polled the league first and 100% was fine with me adding the player back. This was more a mechanics deal than just not realizing the value. He literally was like, oh this guy is starting and the guy I am picking up to go in his place on bye is the guy I want to be starting so I will just release my current starter so he goes in that spot. Not how it works. :slight_smile:


I forgot about this thread for a while, but today someone just offered me MIKE EVANS for my McCaffrey LOL