Should I roster 2 Qb's in a 1 Qb league?

I am on my third season in my 10 man, Single Qb (standard scoring) league…In the past, i have only drafted one QB and streamed on my bye week, but i feel like it limited my options in certain matchups. Would you recommend taking a second QB in a later round? Thanks!


Strongly against rostering more than one.

HOWEVER, your league can force your hand. If they all roster two. Your waivers are gonna be rough to stream from. OR if there is someone else who streams the same position just as often, I have run into issues there.

I would rather have last years Nick Chubb on my roster than a Winston as my qb2 wasting that spot.

Do not take a second QB.

You know you need to stream ONCE. If your QB gets hurt, which is really unlikely with the new rules, then just make a trade.