Should I Roster Duke Johnson!?

Should I roster Duke Johnson and Burkhead?
My RBs are Sony, Mack, Hines, Kamara, Collins
I was thinking about Burkhead handcuffing sony and Duke Johnson I’ll never play unless major injuries should I just roster someone like a Spencer Ware?

10-0 by the way

Love how Kamara is the 4th RB you list haha. I don’t think you absolutely need to roster either, but if you want to I’d focus on Duke Johnson. More clear and defined role than Burkhead.

Yeah Kamara has been okay this year you wouldn’t want to handcuff Sony with Burkhead?

I don’t necessarily think Burkhead can easily be considered a good handcuff for Sony the way Brown is for Gurley or Ware is for Hunt. The NE backfield is way more murky than other backfields, especially given whatever the hell they’re doing with Patterson. Definitely not a necessary move imo.

I would definitely roster Duke Johnson given his usage. And your RB depth honestly isnt great and there are weeks I can see you starting him.