Should I run the smooth routes

Drop Cam Meredith for Kenny Golladay? Full PPR

Dynasty? Keeper? If not, probably no. Right now he’s a bench stash. From reports he’s yet to practice with Stafford. Guess it depends on whether you have a bench spot to burn. Try packaging Meredith with someone else in a 2 for 1 trade to get a better player and then you’ll have the room.

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Reading the latest updates Golladay was getting 1st team reps for the first time today.

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Golladay. Selling anyone from the Bears not named Jordan Howard is gonna be tough.

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No way.

Kenny G is a watch list candidate and really shouldn’t be drafted except in the deepest of leagues. He is fighting to be the WR3 on his team.

Meredith is likely the WR1 on what is admittedly a putrid Bears team. But this putrid Bears team will be down big almost every week and will have to throw A LOT. That means garbage time gold. And while I can’t guarantee a lot of scoring, I can guarantee a lot of targets. And in a PPR that means Meredith has sneaky WR2 upside. Stick with Meredith.

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It’s been mathematically proven, a smooth route is the quickest way to a #footclantitle.