Should I sell A.Jones?

I was just offered Jordy Nelson for Aaron Jones in a standard. My other backs are Zeke, CJ, Abdullah. Please help!!! I’m torn since I think this game might be his breakout game.

I think this person knows that all of the value for the Green Bay Wide outs have dropped a bunch.

I would suggest not. I would hold him IMO

you might need a replacement for CJ :slight_smile:

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Thank you! your right. I’m gonna hang onto him unless I’m offered a true number one WR.

I’d sell Jones for higher than that! This is week 7, some people have to be HURTING at RB in your league. Nelson could turn it around, but without Rodgers I don’t know man. IMO I would either hold onto him (since CJ hasnt been too good, and Abdullah doesnt have much touchdown upside) or sell him as high as possible (selling him as a more durable Ty Montgomery). Hope that helps, best of luck man.

Well said!!! The perspectives I’m getting from the #footclan is fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to help a member out! Now let’s go get them #footclantitles!