Should I sell high on Hyde?

What could I get for Hyde?

Yes to sell high and depends on scoring format and which rosters are RB needy and who they have?

Do you want a WR back or RB or do a 1 for 2 and get depth. Lots of options but need to know the options to make a call, it’s league specific really

I was offered josh Gordon and Alfred Morris for him. It’s a full PPR league

What’s the rest of your team like? That seems a little on the low side to be honest, you’re giving up the best player in terms of production

QB: Rivers
WR: Thielen
WR: Tyreek
Rb: Zeke
Rb: Thompson
TE: Jared cook
Flex Landry

bench: Lockett
Bench: hyde
Bench: Ingram
Bench: rod smith
Bench: Evan Engram

Yeah your right it is a little low he needsa rb big time. He has Kenny Golladay I was thinking of countering for him

I think it hurts your RB depth but when Ingram is back off bye he’ll be your RB2 behind Zeke and with Rivers playing well Hill as the boom/bust week winner and Thielen as a locked in WR1 every week paired with Landry in the flex - especially with his current matchups you’ll be in good shape most weeks. It’s a nice team, it support the volatile nature of playing Hill every week nicely.

I would be much happier with Golladay and Morris for Hyde. Golladay could be a starter for you some weeks - you can rotate Landry/Hill/Golladay based on matchup need and whoever has the best schedule so he’s a nice addition. Morris will at least get work all year and Breida seems to get an injury every week and may be out for a while. I’d see if he’d take that.

Just out of interest what are his full roster or RBs and WRs - Just to give you the best take i can?

Interesting I’ve actually thought of trading hill as well in a package and see what I could get. What would you think of that? I feel the same with you that he’s a boom/bust weekly. His team is:
QB: Matt Ryan
Wr: Julio Jones
Wr: Josh Gordon
Rb: Dalvin Cook
RB: Alfred Morris
Te: Jordan reed
Flex: John brown

B: Royce freeman
B: Kenny Golladay
B: Larry Fitzgerald
B: Randall Cobb
B: Jameson Crowder
B: Ronald Jones

What about something like Hyde and Hill for his Dalvin Cook and Golladay, maybe ask for Ronald Jones in there as well as a wild card potential?

Depends on the league size etc but holding Rod Smith, in a bigger league 14+ teams is fine but in a 12 team or less and as Zeke doesn’t tend to get hurt and miss time i’d drop him to make this work.

That sounds good! Thanks for the help bro, and yeah I was getting nervous with Zeke limping off the field the last couple weeks and his workload but yeah I shouldn’t have him it’s a waste of a spot for sure, thanks dude! One more question what do you think of Hyde and hill for Keenan Allen?

Or even something like Hyde and Lockett for Cook and Golladay. I don’t mind trading Hill but it’s better after a blow up week - after week 2 would have been prime trading time. So I’d wait for a big game or keep him and play for that big week. Your roster is constructed to support him, plus if you think the matchup up is an easier one for you just play someone like Golladay but if you need that massive upside that guys like Hill offer you have the option

No worries man and yes Zeke will be fine don’t worry. I’d rather either of the deals i mentioned over that deal for Allen, it’s not a bad value wise but you lose RB depth there so i’d prefer not to do that.

I’d try the two above first and then Allen if you have to give Hyde and can’t get an RB back i’d give a bench WR like Lockett and hang onto Hill in that situation

Thanks for all the help I’ve sent the two offers you mentioned above, another question for you though I was just offered Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch for Tyreek Hill and Carlos Hyde, what do you think?

Nice work. I’d wait to hear back but that’s not a bad offer. Lynch is a gamescript dependant RB1 unless their Raiders are getting blown out he’s solid and Gronk is interesting but you will need to shop Cook and or Reed quickly as you can’t carry 3 TEs. Also Reed and Cook are not at a high value right now so it may not be easy

I’d hold and really push for the other offers first to save yourself more work