Should I sit DST up by 1.6 going into MNF?

I’m coming into Monday night football (Cle vs. Nyj) up by 1.6 points. Only play left on either team is that I can play the Cleveland DST. I know the DST can lose me points, but am concerned if I sit them there might be a stat correction for ~16 yards. What does the Footclan recommend???

I would play the defense. The only way you get negative 2 points is giving up I think more than 28 points and not getting any positive points. The Jets have their backup QB. Plus the tiebreaker in my leagues is points scored so the more points the better.

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So you basically already won? It depends on if you have a rule where you must start someone in each slot. We implemented a rule like this in our league last year because of this very situation.

A team was up a half point and their defense got slaughtered for negative points, but it was on their bench so they won. Now we make people set their lineups.

No rule, no play.

Always get as much points as possible, what happens if, although it doesnt happen much, you get a tie at the end of the year and you have to go to points.

Just secure the W. Sit the defense and don’t stress about the egg a defense can drop