Should I spend FAAB to play keep away?

Hey footballers,

My semi-final opponent forgot to put Mark Andrews in his starting lineup yesterday, and has no other TE options on his roster currently… Last night I put $1 FAAB bids on several TE’s that I thought he might try for and I was able to keep OJ Howard away from him…

He has $7 FAAB remaining, and I have $46…

Should I continue putting $8 bids on TEs that he might be going after? or is there another approach I could/should employ…?

It’s my first year using FAAB any input would be great, thanks!!

there is no guarantee for next week so do all you can this week. Imagine if spending your FAAB to keep them away from TEs keeps you opponent from getting points.
in theory:
your TE gets you 8 pts, he cant get any good TEs and gets a goose egg instead of the 8pts he would have gotten with a decent TE… that is a 16 point play on the TE side.

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I would suggest to make moves to benefit your team first. Once you’ve satisified that requirement then play keep away.


If you are streaming TEs, than maybe you have one starting and one on the bench. Use your FAAB and waivers to make sure you can start the best lineup possible.

However, maybe you have Kittle or Kelce starting. No need to roster a backup TE. That would be a spot one could burn on a “Keep away” player.

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I have Ertz starting and at the moment Higbee and Howard are on my bench… Higbee might go in my flex if Devante Parker doesn’t play, so my roster is set and I’d just be playing keep away…

I also have the Vikings D on my bench with no intention of playing them this week or next (if I can help it), so I do have 1 roster spot that I could use to try and block him for the waivers that run tomorrow… and then I could go for the block with sunday waivers too… as long as I’m placing $8 bids, I can at least force him to add a lower-tier TE since he only has $7 to spend…

I’d say his best available options would be Ian Thomas, Witten, and Jonnu Smith and that’s probably the order I’d prioritize them