Should I stack Winston/Godwin?

This is my lineup right now. I can leave it like it is and play Sanu, Keke, or Baldwin in my flex…

Or I could sit Ryan, play Winston and stack him with D-Jax or Godwin?

Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. I really need to pull out a win…

I think you have to play Matt Ryan this week.

Ryan and winston are both great plays but I prefer Ryan. No telling who goes off between Godwin/Djax. If you play the wrong stack doesn’t help you.

The Ryan/Sanu stack is actually pretty strong in its own right. Good chance Sanu scores.

Sanu plays more snaps and gets more targets than Ridley so he’s clearly the no. 2 in a pass happy offense chasing the points their defense lets up. I like this stack as there will be points galore.

I kind of liked the Sanu stack as well. It is the play I was leaning but I wanted to get some input