Should I start Baldwin!?

So I drafted Doug Baldwin and he has been on my bench, but now he’s supposed to come back this week. I’m pretty weak on wr so I have Marvin Jones there right now. Should I take the chance and start Baldwin or is it not worth the risk?

what’s the scoring system? I think it matters a little in this case.

I know people are down on Jones because Golladay has emerged as being more productive, but Jones has clocked in with 50 plus yards each week and has scored in weeks 2 and 3. He also juuuuust missed on two deep balls in week 1. It’s nothing to sneeze at.

I like Marvin’s matchup v. dallas this week and I also think you have to take a wait-and-see approach with Baldwin. Let him earn his way back into your lineup.

That said, the start sit tool has Baldwin hugely favored, so…what do I know?

These are just my opinions.

I think Baldwin is a risk and the matchup v ARI is what’s boosting him in rankings and projections this week. But those “favorable” matchups for wrs don’t always work out. If a team is blowing their opponent out, they don’t have to throw as much; Carson could be in for another 30 carry game while the wideouts mostly watch.

good luck!

Hey thanks for the insight! The league is non-ppr by the way. I feel more comfortable starting Jones as he hasn’t really disappointed me yet. I just wanted to see what others thought about Baldwin’s outlook.

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I wouldn’t risk it. I’d worry about Baldwin being limited to a low snap count.

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