Should i start Bryant or Brown?

Standard scoring league, I can’t decide who i should start between these two, both have favourable matchups both getting similar targets

I really need to win this week and I can’t work out who will get me more points…

With the way Big Ben is playing at the moment I’d go with the latter.

thanks, that was what my gut was telling me as well

Not sure what Brown you are talking about. and I’m assuming Martavis Bryant considering Dez is on bye

AB over anyone if you mean him. But probably John or Jaron Brown over Martavis

yeah, sorry. Martavis Bryant and John brown

I would definitely go john Brown. He has a beatable matchup and if you play martavis you have to rely on the big play, and since Ben has been struggling you can’t bank on that

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thank you! That’s really helpful!!

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