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Should I start Jared goff over Tom Brady?


Ok I’ve had Tom Brady all year then picked up Jared goff last week on Brady’s bye week…
now I’m seeing that goff should have a monster game this week, soooo should I start goff over Brady?


Even with all the offensive troubles in Denver Brady usually doesn’t play all that great there is roll with goff


What world do we live in where it’s ok to consider to start Jared goff over tom Brady? lol man have the times changed. I know what you’re saying about the hype and the matchup and can’t fault you either way, but I would start tom Brady


Its a crazy fantasy world we live in-I’ll take Brady off a bye week any day all day 24/7—


I’m starting Goff over Brees this week as well. I think Goff is going to rip a monster game this week only 2nd to Stafford.


Brees is a different fantasy QB now that the saints have a running game-won’t see a lot of crazy numbers from him if they can run the ball-


Yeah, hurts my soul a little bit; Luckily I have Kamara so I love the Saints offense!


Yea same here! Kamara is a beast!!


I think Brady will have a BIG game cuz ya know that he knows he hasn’t played well there-Just another a check to mark off for the GOAT-


Here’s to hoping! I have Brandin Cooks as well - he’s from my hometown, so I’m cheering him on as hard as I can :smiley:


Yeah I’m rolling with kamara as well!! Hahaha

But yeah… it’s a crazy world now where it’s a hard decision to play Brady. Lol
As of right now I’m starting Brady but man… goff scored almost 40 points in .5ppr last week! He’s playing a defense that’s terrible against the pass.
Brady MIGHT hit 20 points against Denver…