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Should I start Pryor or Allen in my flex this week?


I really like both match ups this week, I am just not sure which is the right move at this point.


*buck Allen and this is a 1 point ppr league


With PPR I’d say Pryor.


Yeah im leaning more towards pryor I just hope he starts connecting more with cousins this week.


LOL…I would say…“yeah me too”…except I’ve got him sitting this week. About fed up with him. Got Thielen and Garcon starting. MY RB’s starting are Kamara and DeMarco (another one I’m about frustrated with) and flexing McK. Best of luck my friend.


Ive got Murray as well lol if he doesnt pick it up this week im just about done with starting him, but best of luck to you too.


ONLY thing that gripes my ass is that in my league DeMarco isn’t “droppable”…which means…since I can’t entice anybody to trade for him, I’M STUCK WITH HIM TAKING UP SPACE ON MY ROSTER. LOL…no I’m not yelling…just…uh…“emphasizing” my aggravation with him!!! LOL


LOL…soooo…can’t drop him, can’t trade him…sure as hell can’t shoot him!!! Well chit!! Unless he gets his mess together…just flipping STUCK with him I reckon!!!