Should I start Rams DST or Titans DST week 13?

1st week of the playoffs in my league . Can’t decide on which defense because the Lions can put up points. And the Jets have been glorious for defenses as of late . Advice?

Rams for sure. Rested after bye week and coming after a Detroit team without there top RB and 1 of there two great WRs.

Yeah but I feel like it’s kind of a trap because I’m also playing kenny.golladay, so I’m banking that he’s going to do bad if I play the Rams. The Jets have given up so much lately. And the Rams give up 400 yards a game to anyone. Convince me I’m wrong, please, I’m really asking you to so I have confidence in my decision

I would have to agree with @Pmanningthegoat. You almost can’t go wrong with the RAMS. BUT…I can understand your thoughts @BreesusChrist…cuz DET is looking pretty juicy for weeks 14 (ARZ and 15 (BUF). In fact,

I’ve been thinking hard about DET for those two weeks myself. BUT…DEN is still available, so I’m pretty much thinking about just taking the plunge and going ahead and grabbing them while the grabbings still good.

I’m pretty much a LOCK for 3rd at the minimum and very possibly locking up a BYE this week, so…not sweating it too hard.

BUT…I can most definitely understand your plight. Was in that EXACT same postion last year!!!

So yeah…tough one there. :thinking:

(LOL…I know…prob wasn’t much help there. Sorry buddy) :roll_eyes:

Well im already in the playoffs. Our playoffs start this week and this is the first Playoff round. Everyone has the Rams ranked as a top three option this week. However the Jacksonville Jaguars were the number one ranked option last week, and I followed that advice and played them and you see where it got me. I’m just saying the Detroit Lions have been known to be able to score, where is the Jets are only known for being able to turn the ball over

Where are you starting in your P/O’s?

It’s a very competitive league, only 4 teams make the playoffs and each round is 2 weeks long, so round 1 is weeks 13-14 & round 2 is weeks 15-16.
1st Seed vs 4th Seed
2nd Seed vs 3rd Seed

I’m the 2nd Seed