Should i step in as commish for this trade?

Commissioner trade question here.
So a trade is going on in my dynasty league. This is the first year

Team A: Gives Cory Davis, McKinnon, and her first rounder which is more than likely going to be the first pick and essentially be Bryce Love or so

Team B: gives K. Drake and a second rounder

This guy has been sending lowball rip off offers to everyone in the league and finally got someone who is inexperienced to bite.

Question: So I step in and just cancel this right away since it is so lopsided? Let it go to a vote? Or just push it through since she did technically accept it???

I think it is your responsibility as commissioner to make sure the rest of the league is aware and put it to a vote.

As a commissioner I do not like to make decisions without input from all participating teams.

Just my opinion.

Yeah someone else made a voting poll and it is in favor of being vetoed

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The trade looks a bit imbalanced but I think you have to let it go through. It’s relatively close. Team A lost a projected stud starter at RB (McKinnon) due to injury. She pays a first round pick to get a viable starter at the position for THIS year and gets a high second round pick to soften the blow. Team B assumes the risk that McKinnon will be viable next year (and with his injury history, that’s no lock). To me Cory Davis is irrelvant. That team is in shambles already and the offense/QB situations were never very good to begin with. It’s not a trade I’d ever make but it’s close enough that as a commissioner, you have to let it go through. Your job is to admin a league, not apply your personal feelings to every transaction. 2 cents, gl.

This is always the case. Owners are a petty, jealous bunch who want to shoot down virtually every trade. I would not take this as validation.

Team B. The guy who tried to lowball everyone has messaged me almost every time a trade has gone through about vetoing it.

Well, that’s sad. But maybe it’s time for him to get a taste of his own medicine. Still, the more you accommodate all this texting and cry-babying, the more you’re going to have to deal with it going forward. Being commish is a thankless job and a ton of work sometimes. My favored approach is to be stern when needed, but hands off as much a possible. Let people play the game. The ‘game’ includes trading. I wish you luck bro.

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Thank you for your help!

You should not be vetoing trades in a league as commissioner unless it is VERY clearly collusion.

This trade, on paper, looks pretty awful and lopsided in favor of drake. But maybe she needs that RB in the current year and is desparate enough to accept it. At the end of the day, it is not your duty as commissioner to protect people from their own bad decisions. Everyone in the league is probably just upset because this dude is a low baller and finally got someone to bite. If any one of them had that same offer on the table, none of them would hesitate to accept it so end of the day, its just people being mad about missing out on a steal / opportunity.

You need to let the trade go through, it’s her own fault for not doing the proper diligence. What I would recommend you do though as clearly she will have a target on her back now going forward, is to maybe provide some counselling and let her know of resources to use before considering lopsided trade offers. Or just simply tell her to shoot a message out to the league to get inputs and thoughts before accepting a trade. Not only does this create more trading activity, it’s just a means of setting a market for the highest bidder.

I personally do not believe in trade vetos and hate league trade votes even more. Everyone will look out for their own interest so legit trades will often get turned down just because they are sad they missed out on the opportunity. Which is stupid in my eyes.

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This is exactly what I needed to hear. I pushed the trade through and actually sent your response to my leagues chat so they know for future reference how trades will be handled. Thank you very much.

No problem. Happy to help.