Should I stick this out?

Ok awesome FFB folks. I hate stacking players from one team for the week but maybe that’s just me. Standard league. Should I stick with what I got or move it around? Here’s what I got.
QB- Wilson
RB- Bell, Gordon
WR- A.Brown, Baldwin
TE- Graham
Flex-Shady McCoy (Wr or RB)
K- Elliot is on bye so I’m grabbing a streamer.
D/ST- Saints
No QB on bench but McCowen/ Goff available
RB- McKinnon, McCaffery
WR- Hogan(hurt), Crabtree, M. Jones
TE- Brate
It’s a standard league so NO PPR.
Gimmie your take in it guys and Gals

looks good, Brate might do better than Graham this week. Graham is off, he has had some crucial drops that seem like catches he should make being the veteran he is. I see Brate getting lots of looks from Fitz this week with no Evans in TB. If you are worried of stacking too many players from one team.

I think you have to keep your lineup as is, and maybe trade graham and a bench receiver for someone like Kelce for down the road? Also, your team is annoyingly good. This has to be a two team league.

Well it’s a ten team league but with all the injuries and bomb players, I had some desperate guys in my league and they weren’t looking to far forward so they gave me some good guys. Did ALOT of two for one deals and kept picking up good waivers.
Thanks for the input guys. Just a quick addition. Y’all think Marvin Jones would do better than Baldwin? It’s another topic I have but just adding it here

this week Jones Jr., but ROS Bladwin looks to be Wilsons favorite target. I would choose Baldwin over Jones ROS