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Should I take any of these trades?


I will be 5-1 after this week. I was wondering if i should try a trade or just stick to what is working…

QB: Watson and Mariota
RB: Hunt, Bell, McCaffrey, D. Martin, Kamara and DJ
WR: M. Thomas, G. Tate, TY Hilton, D. Baldwin, Funches and Parker
TE: Reed
D: Broncos

I have two trades
1st: Hunt, Baldwin and McCaffrey for Fournette, Cooks and Engram
2nd: Gronk and Freeman for Hunt, Reed and Baldwin


I don’t hate either really. I like the 1st one a lot better solely because of fournette. The man is a beast. I think cooks is an upgrade too for Baldwin.

The second trade isn’t bad either Gronk is always a injury risk but obviously when he plays he is the best. Try and trade Reed.He is always hurt in some fashion and has not performed like people expected. Maybe Baldwin and Reed for Ertz. Baldwin is probably the one WR you are sitting out of the top 4. I do like Hunt better than Freeman just because he gets more work and Freeman has Coleman taking away touches and TDs.

Then again you are 5-1 so why fix what isn’t broken


yea but i just feel like i have a lot of RB’s and could upgrade at WR and TE. but again DJ comes back but it looks like AP is going to have a good time in arizona. I also like the first trade more…might try and offer that for ertz


I honestly don’t like either.

I dont know how many your starting… But with that lineup I doubt your starting
Mccaffery or kamara

I’d try and package 1 of them and reed for ERTZ…

Or trade both for another great WE to a team that has poor RBS.

If you can’t get anything like that I would sit tight… Your 5-1


good point BUT the problem with ertz is that the owner is 5-0 about to be 6-0


Dont like either trade tbh but Depends in the other teams as well how much are you improving by. I love a trade but if be tempted to stick as you are and wait for better offers.

Bell and hunt you can ride to playoffs. With Kamara and martin through byes your covered for injury and DJ is a guy who could win you the league when you’re there.

Mccafrey is the guy I would look to package with reed for a tight end or a wr for a better wr1.


i like that… thank you


Yeah that is a problem…
I’d counter back the gronk owner and see if you can get him for less

Maybe a RB and WR.

Don’t get too cheeky… If you don’t see something you like stay pat


ill offer McCaffrey, Baldwin and reed for Gronk?


Gronk owner wants TY for gronk… he offered me Brady and gronk for McCaffrey and TY


I’d do that in a heartbeat plus you’d have reed for gronk bye /injury. And when he goes off you can sell high.

Brady is a step up from Mario’s and Watson as well who you could trade to improve depth at wr.

Hilton is good but no-one get a tight end points like gronk and you can find a wr that can give you Hilton upside occasionally. Mccafrey we’ve is dispensible.


I would for sure do Brady and gronk for McCaff and TY. Brady is a better QB and you could trade Watson for a great WR or RB. Plus your getting THE best tight end…no brainer for me


As everyone said… Do this… The Brady and gronk trade that is

And you can sell Watson high for a good player


What do you guys think watsons value is?


To the owner that just lost Rodgers… A solid wr1 imo