SHould I take Barkley in this situation?

I have the 5th pick in 14 team league. Our league has a rule where if you draft a rookie and keep him all year you can keep him for your 3rd round pick next year, 2nd round 3rd yr and 1st rd 4th yr then he is back in the pool (you also lose them if you win the league). Elliott is off the board this year because of this rule. I am assuming Gurley, Bell, Brown and Johnson will be gone. Because of this rule I am highly considering taking Barkley with #5. What do you think? Its either him or Hopkins, as I am not real excited about taking any of the other RB’s that early. Really appreciate your help on this!

No. I still take Gordon first. It’s simple the reason why. The clause that if you win you lose them. My plan is to win every year. So to me that’s like saying well, I could have a better pick but I’m going to lose anyway so screw it. But that’s also cause I’m a big believer of Melvin Gordon. So i would take him. But, if you have Barkley ranked ahead of him and have him as an elite RB, then yes I do it.

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Thanks for the response! I do like Gordon more than Hunt or Kamara.

I’ll be drafting Barkley at 5 in one my leagues this Friday and the first three rounds are ineligible to be kept, if that gives you any idea of how highly I view Barkley…

@BusterD I do like me some Gordon but he’s my #6 back just behind Barkley.

Also, I wish I wasn’t drafting so early…

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Thanks! Yeah, I was considering trading down 3-5 spots to get Barkley there.