Should I take the trade?

I’m 6-4 and trying to make a playoff push. I’ve been streaming QB’s but Goff’s upcoming schedule looks tough.

Sending: Stefon Diggs and Duke Johnson
Receiving: Alex Smith and DeSean Jackson

Current Roster:

J. Goff
M. Gordon
D. Murra
T. Hill
Stefon Diggs
Robert Woods

D. Henry
TY Hilton
A. Morrios
A. Abdullah
Dede Westbrook

I would not

What QBs are on your waivers?

Was that offer made to you… or one you’ve made to that team? If they made it to you, try to negotiate them down a bit.

QB Waivers are: Kirk, McCown, Eli, Blake, Big Ben, Carr, Keenum, Winston

I’d just add Kirk or McCown, QB’s aren’t worth nearly as much as other ones, unless you get the elite’s, of which Alex Smith is not

Plenty of streamable options there. Look ahead and see who’s playing the basement level teams against the QB… preferably at home and in games Vegas says will have a high O/U. Rank against the Q, by fantasy points allowed:
32 - NE
31 - NYG
30 - Houston
29 - SF
28 - Arizona
27 - KC
26 - TB
25 - NYJ
24 - Cleveland
23 - Indy

Declined the trade, thanks all!

Long Live King Goffrey