Should I take this Bell trade?

I was offered Lev Bell for CMC in a standard scoring league my other rbs are Royce Freeman, Lynch, Peyton barber, Rashad Penny and A. Jones I know it’s high risk high reward just want to know some opinions because I feel like I’m about to take it considering I fear that CMC will break down over time because he is a smaller back. Let me know what you all think. Thanks!!

I wouldn’t really be afraid of CMC breaking down. He was a work horse in college and they seem intent on using him as such now.

This is an interesting question in standard format. I’m assuming your WRs must be absolute studs cause your RB situation is not great at all. If you make this trade and Bell sits till week 10, you’re looking at Royce and Lynch as your starting backs.

Did you get a win in week 1? That would also influence my decision. If you did and also have stud WRs, then this trade could be worth it. Especially with Aaron Jones coming back.

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