Should I take this trade? Always have hard times

I was currently offered MY Michael Thomas and Jordan Howard for Dalvin Cook, Larry Fitzgerald, and Emmanuel Sanders. I’m not sure if this trade is something I should take. I currently have gurley and Howard, and WRs are Thomas, Anderson, Amari cooper, and Doug Baldwin (out). I’m not sure if this is a good trade because I’m hurting at wr with Baldwin out and he’s giving me more depth, but Michael Thomas is a better WR1 than any of those guys. What do you think? Should I try to ship off Baldwin and package him with someone?

I personally think you shouldn’t do it. Howard and Thomas alone could carry you some weeks, just fill that flex spot with someone for now until you find that reliable flex play. John brown is looking more and more like that play if he is available or perhaps someone like quincy enunwa. What’s your bench looking like?

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Bench is - Evan Engram (waiting to sell him on a good week, burton is my main TE)

Anderson is on my bench, buck allen, Lindsay, Garcon, breida and baldwin At the moment

I would not accept the trade either. Keep your studs. Howard and Thomas should be volume monsters this year. I love them both. Dalvin Cook is coming off a serious knee injury, I worry about the Cardinals offense after that first game, and as much as I love Sanders, he’s sharing targets with other really skilled guys. I wonder is this person didn’t really want to draft Cook, and now is trying to package him and capitalize on Fitz’s name and sell high on Sanders. Don’t fall for it. Look at Michael Thomas’ stat line last week and do a happy dance. :man_dancing: It won’t happen every week, but he should have a great year.

This trade makes no sense. Don’t make this trade.

Who should I be looking to play at WR2 while Baldwin is out? Or should I be looking to package trade him?

If you have an IR put him there. You probably won’t get any value for him now. Who are your other WR? I would add John Brown, maybe even Brandon Marshall while Baldwin is out, Chris Godwin could be a good play if D-Jacks is out, Geronimo Allison. Just a few guys that might still be available in addition to the ones mentioned earlier.