Should I take this trade before tonights game?

14 team, ppr, 3 WR, all else being equal would you trade K. Allen, TJ Hockenson, and D Williams FOR CeeDee Lamb, Dawson Knox, and DeErnest Johnson??? Im on the fence but I have to do this before kick off if im going to do it.

league uses a w/r/t flex too, not that it matters, but the real question is trade Allen and Hock, for Lamb and Knox… Thanks in advance.

In my opinion it’s probably not moving the needle much for either team. The rb pieces seem like filler for sake of filler to me.

Allen v Ceedee I’d rather have Ceedee
Hockenson v Knox I’d rather have hockenson.
RB’s are a bit whatever. If it’s Darrel I suppose I’d rather have him as he’s one injury away from a significant role.

If you really want Ceedee then I’m OK with it. But I don’t think either team looks at end of season with much gain.