Should i take this trade? HELP

I was offered a trade In which I receive Crabtree, freeman, and Coleman to give away gurley and s Shepard. Full PPR

I feel like I could counter with D Thomas, or Fitz instead of Shepard and he would accept it… What should I do?

thats a bad deal. gurley is a top 5 player right now. crabtree hasnt produced great numbers since week 3 and freeman is banged up. even shepard is doing better than crabtree. you are getting robbed if you do this deal

But gurley has a bad playoff schedule

so trade a consistent player for cheap because they have a bad playoff schedule? go after a guy that has a decent playoff schedule, is playing well, being utilized a ton if you dont want him anymore, for example: mccoy, ingram, gordon, ajayi, drake could be gotten cheap pretty consistent so far, im just saying your proposed deal you are being fleeced i wouldnt do that deal if it was me, i would be trying to acquire gurley not get rid of him. he is their offense so far.