Should I take this trade?!?!?!

12 team standard league. Need help making my decision. My record is 1-7.

I’ve been offered T. HILL and S. Sheppard


Ty Hilton and K. Drake.

My other WR’s are M.Evans, K.Allen, C.Kupp, M.Jones Jr and T.Smith. (start 3)

My other Rb’s are C.MacCaffery, L.Murray, D.Cook, L.Mccoy, R.Freeman. (start 2)

I would not accept that trade, keep TY Hilton and Drake…
Luck is on pace for 46 TD passes and Hilton is his top WR, and you definitely need the added depth at RB in keeping Drake. Drake has been performing better for fantasy lately, and McCoy/Freeman have been garbage.

If this were my team, I am keeping Hilton and Drake, or at least countering for T. Hill & a usable RB he may have on his roster. Given your WRs, Sheppard would be useless on your team…

You are fine at WR, so if you make any trade I would try to package a couple WRs and maybe McCoy for a great RB…