Should I take this?

Someone in my league just offered me Justin Jefferson and Josh Jacobs for Najee. This is a 10 team half ppr league, double flex.

Currently my roster looks like:
Jonnu Smith

With Rojo the only notable bench player

It’s a good offer but your need in my opinion is at rb. I’m not convinced you can afford to lose najee.

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Thats my issue, thinking of countering and seeing if I can get Saquon in the deal for one of my Bucs WR as well as Najee. Cause Jefferson, Ceedee and Davante would be unfair at WR

Jefferson would be sweet but I wouldn’t give up Najee. There is too big of a drop-off from Najee to Jacobs and your depth at RB is weak.

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I would be like, dang dog, don’t you have any players that DON’T have JJ as their initials?

I’m gonna hafta say Nah-jay…

So no…? Haha

You have a consensus no.

Looks like it, can’t argue with the foot clan