Should I trade Aaron Rodgers and Kareem Hunt?

For Jordan Howard and Mike Evans?
Full PPR. Keeper League.

Do you have another QB?
I probably wouldn’t do that deal though

I don’t have another QB, but some decent options on the waiver wire. I have always streamed QB until this season when I swung an off season deal to get Rodgers. But now having second thoughts on that.

That’s a definite no for me. I think it’s a step down in RB and I’m not too excited about Evans especially when Winston returns.

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Spencer Ware worries me a bit as far stealing some work load, and gun slinger mahomes is a wild card too…I had Hunt last year and had endure his mast mid season slump so I guess I’m tilting a bit on him after week 1. And I’m also maybe a little higher than I should be on Howard after seeing him catch 5 passes in week 1 in a game they were leading until the 4th quarter…

I would do it but it depends on your wide receivers

I have Julio and Michael Thomas already at WR already, Evans would become my starting flex and bye week WR.
My current starting line up is:
Jamaal Williams (or Marvin Jones)

(I have put in some work to build this team over a couple years)

If I made the trade my starters would be:

Streamer QB (10 team league so lots available; ex. jimmyG, Stafford, Keenum, Tyrod, Matt Ryan, etc.)

Can’t decide which I like better…

Based on your roster situation and what’s out there at QB i would do it. I have concerns about Evans long term when Winston is back and with Godwin in the redzone but to be honest if he has another couple of good games i would look at moving him again on the high. You have a great core 4 post trade with Kamara, Howard, MT and Julio and someone will bite on the Evans high value if he plays well with Fitz for multiple weeks

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Was able to negotiate and got Howard for Rodgers, Crowell, and Jamaal Williams…lost some RB depth but now I have 3 high potential RB1s on my roster and I’m comfortable streaming QBs.

How did I do in this trade Footclan?

That’s trade rape. I would’ve taken the first one too.

I was gonna say you absolutely do this trade until I saw it’s a keeper league. My initial stance remains, get jordan howard and evans - your yeam will be far more dangerous and these guys are young too, I’m not saying rodgers is going to retire anytime soon, but that position is way easier to replace imo.