Should i trade and for who?

10 team standard

I have George kittle and Austin Hooper. Should I trade 1 of them and if so who and for what.

I would look to move Hooper given his hot streak lately, you aren’t going to recoup the value of Kittle right now given his semi-down games. You look fairly solid at RB, especially once Singletary comes back from injury. I would look to target a WR2 if you can.

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See who is hurting at TE in your and try to package Hooper and Sammy for an upper end WR2 like Kupp or Boyd. Hell, you can even try and take advantage of the JuJu owner right now. I know he’s not hot but pairing JuJu with Adams will be a nice WR core. Adams shouldn’t miss more than 2 weeks.

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