Should I trade Antonio Brown?

Full point PPr, I own Ab but due to injuries and Zeke suspension I’m now left with a rb core of tev coleman, Crowell, beastmode and Alfred Morris . Should I entertain Jordan Howard for AB? My other wr’s are Michael Thomas, davante parker, and juju and also hold Greg Olsen

I dunno man. You need a RB but trading away Brown seems extreme. I think I’d look to move 2 other pieces to pick up Howard or someone else comparable if so.

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Try to get more than just Howard if you can.


Short answer no.
Long answer. Not for Howard. He’s not even tradable unless roster is desperate and honestly he can carry you by himself… I mean any top rb would accept that. McCoy, even gurley, Hunt, all those guys pus another wr or maybe even upgrade tight end. Swap Greg out try it.

Also. I LOVE Tevin Coleman while freeman is out. So you don’t even have to rush. Might be a couple weeks it’s at least one.

His matchup this week scares me

So u say keep brown and use greg to target a rb?

I’m saying if you trade brown, get a really good rb PLUS a te. Like maybe the hunt owner has graham and engram or something. Get one and give him Olsen so you get a now guy and he feels he still has options once Greg comes back.

Edit## but do everything in your power to not trade brown. Trade glass ankle Parker for doug Martin or something


I see your logic because I do believe you’ll be ok with Thomas, Parker, and Juju. Personally I wouldn’t give up AB, but if you do it shoot for the stars, don’t settle for Howard.