Should I trade away Carson for Tyreek?

Trade is below my team

I have carson. Would you trade him away and ask for Jon Taylor?

I love Carson but I’d trade him for Taylor in heartbeat. If you’re shopping Carson I think you’ll need to lower your asking price.

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What about my original post?

What about my original post?

Adams/Hill every week is juicy. The step down from Carson to Brown is a doozie though. Hines/Brown as RB2/3 for the rest of the season is depressing. Maybe Chark or Cooper could get you something better than Brown and you’d still get a significant upgrade at WR

He has Conner (who I want nothing to do with) and D Henry, I don’t have anything worthy of his 101 in this trade. It’s a gamble but I can’t decide if having a piece of KC and a shot on Malcom Brown is a smart move or not