Should I trade away OBJ to get Ware

ESPN Standard League, trades continue until finals.
I have Fournette/Peterson/Miller, Julio/OBJ/Hilton/Watkins.
Ware Owner offered me the trade for Julio which I rejected, He Rejected my counter of Hilton and I’m sitting on OBJ for Ware now.
I’m actually playing against this team this week, we are both locked into playoffs but fighting for finals first round bye.
Also I might try this: I could accept it a few mins before the first Sunday game and put Ware into my lineup, If the other owner isn’t quick he could end up with OBJ on his bench :stuck_out_tongue:

I think ware is good but I also think people are thinking he is another Kareem hunt.

I feel like you could get a better rb for obj. Looks like you may need depth at rb though. Miller is too hit and miss. I wouldn’t do the trade but if you really think you need a rb I’d get why you did it.

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Actually I thought of another reason not to make this trade.
My team would get a projected 1 point boost each gameweek.
But the other team will get a projected 5 point boost each game week as they currently have 3 RBs >= Ware but would get OBJ starting instead of Baldwin.
This would make his chances at championship much greater.

I’ll try to string out the trade negotiation so that he doesn’t trade with someone else for a different decent WR though…

Good move. I need to see a week of work for Ware before crowning him the new kareem hunt. If you could get an aaron Jones or joe mixon instead I think it better because of the proof that they can do it.

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Funny you mention those two names, they are both both have the same owner as Ware :stuck_out_tongue: