Should I trade away Philip Lindsay and Jordan Howard for David Johnson?

The rest of my team is AJ, Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Chubb, Bell, Murray, Clement, McCoy, Foreman. It’s a 12-team half PPR league and the format is 2WR, 2RB and 1FLEX.

Yeah, I would probably do it. It feels wrong, but DJ at least has guaranteed volume, and he’s still in the top 12 despite how bad the cardinals have been. Lindsay is a good play right now, but he’ll be back in a timeshare soon. No way I would ever feel comfortable starting Howard at this point.

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Thanks man. I’m just hoping things will get better with the new OC. And like you said, I’d rather start DJ on a weekly basis rather than Lindsay (timeshare) and Howard (timeshare).

Alternatively, I can also get Mark Ingram with Lindsay and Howard. Should I do that instead?

Ingram is another timeshare back. Essentially you would be trading 2 timeshares for 1 timeshare. DJ would be the better option for you.

True, I agree. I also have Bell, Murray and Chubb. Should I try to trade away Chubb and Murray for Conner and Fournette?

My opinion, I would stay away from fournette. Hamstrings are tough to come back from as can see with him and Cook already. They tend to linger. I would keep murray and stay away from fournette. Especially when they just brought in Hyde, so even if fournette comes back healthy, he has to share with hyde and yeldon. Plus, when bell comes back, Connors value goes down.

Very true. Was just banking on Fournette if he returns to his old form and have Conner is like a safety net for Bell. I think Chubb will be a solid RB2 week in week out but Browns offense is not great…If i trade for DJ, my starting lineup would be: Mahomes, AJ, Hopkins, DJ, Bell, Burton and Chubb. And i’d have Murray, Clement, Allen Robinson, McCoy and Foreman on my bench.